Cooking Tips

Few drops cures the rice sticking. By adding two drops of oil in 400g raw rice while cooking will prevent rices from sticking. Oil protects the rice from breakage, it also give the shininess to the rice.

Salt a powerful Saute helper. Most necessary ingredient in cooking is salt. Salt helps cooking foods in liquid form for longer. Adding salt in water will increase the boiling point of water. Because of this, salt increases cooking time, so it helps to slowing water from evaporation during cooking. Oh! This is why we are adding salt while frying onions and tomatoes, but don’t add too much

Ginger and garlic a nature’s Dish Deodorant Usually garlic gives odour smell to our body. But it reduces the raw smell in meat. Indians chefs always prefers ginger, garlic for cooking any kind of non vegetarian curries, briyani and gravies.

Salt the easy peel helper Adding a teaspoon rock salt while boiling eggs, potatoes will helps to peel the skin easier and it also used to remove the scales during cleaning fish

Prevent rice burnt at ricepan Adding water as twice as rice will maximally reduce the burnt and keep the temperature at simmer when you cook rice to avoid burnt bottom

Cooked rice makes Idli Softer Adding A handful cooked rice while grinding idli batter will makes idlis softer and spongier. The cooked rice helps to improves the fermentation process