Health Tips

Eat less at night, more at day. Prefer lots of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, all other vitamins and minerals at Day as much you want. But at night you should take only less amount of food and may be banana with one glass of milk is enough. Dietitians advises this technique to reduce body weighs. Taking less amount food at night will increase your body metabolism. It motivates you to a healthy wake up at morning

Drink plenty of water as you can. Water is the most beautiful thing in planet earth. Drinking enough water will give you a plenty of stamina. Water prevents the cancer and other stomach diseases. Water neutralize the body from dehydration and also give freshness to your body

Avoid eating Chickens on next day Chicken eats everything. Chickens may had some hidden diseases, if it ate poisonous insects. Cook chicken after you got it from store and eat on that day itself.

Avoid eating Spinach at night Eating spinach before go to bed at night, may slow down your digestion. Leaves have elasticity, it takes more time to digest. It cause your healthy morning wake up.

Onion are the natural dialyzer Onion has cancer fighting compounds like sulfur, flavoniod, antioxidants which are good for preventing cancer formation in stomach and also reduces the cell damage in kidney, liver. Don’t avoid onions in your daily meal

Lemon Tea for weight loss Drinking Lemon tea At empty stomach at everyday morning helps to reduce the excess body weight. Lemon have the ability to clean liver, it leads to improve the digestive health