Uppu Kolakattai – உப்பு கொழுக்கட்டை


  • Rice – 250g
  • Black gram dal – 70g
  • Asafoetida – A pinch
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
  • Red chillies – 2
  • Lemon – 1
  • Salt – Required
  • Oil – Required

How to Prepare

Total Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Dry roast rice, make it cool and grind them like a powder, grate coconut, extract juice from lemon and keep them aside
  2. Add 2 tsp oil, required salt then add slowly, add the boiled water in rice flour, make a smooth dough then marinate for 40 minutes
  3. Soak the black gram dal for 30 minutes, clean them thoroughly, dry them and keep aside
  4. Take a pan, heat oil in it then add mustard seeds
  5. Once it crackle add asafoetida, curry leaves, red chillies, lemon juice then fry it till coconut become brown and keep aside
  6. Take a blender then add dals and the seasoning and grind them well
  7. Make it like a small sized balls and keep aside
  8. Take the dough and make lemon sized small balls and flatten it, place the dal stuffings inside
  9. And close the dough like a semi circle and seal the edges finally the kolukattai looks like a pearl shell
  10. Take a idli steamer vessel, you can use any steamer, add water and boils it for 10 minutes
  11. Then place vessel and white cloth, then place the prepared kolukkattai, and close the steamer vessel
  12. Allow them cook in steam for 10 minutes and finally move into a plate
  13. Now the Healthy Uppu Kolukattai is ready for serve

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Uppu Kolukattai recipe | How to prepare Uppu Kolukattai | உப்பு கொழுக்கட்டை

Uppu Kolukattai recipe

how to prepare Uppu Kolukattai

Uppu Kolukattai seivathu eppadi

Uppu Kolukattai


உப்பு கொழுக்கட்டை